With fishing season long over for most people, perhaps the thoughts have turned to what fishing items we might want for Christmas.  I am certainly hoping to look into my backyard and see a nice 16 foot aluminum boat, with a nice motor, and trailor but seeing how that did not happen last Christmas I am sure the good old guy is not going to bring it again.  I do not think I am actually going to ask for any fishing items this year.  This past summer I got a new fly rod, which I need to do a post on. Sometime during the winter I will see if I can find some more red senkos online so I am restocked for next season but there is no hurry to get them.

I am interested to hear if any of you have put in any requests to Santa for any fishing equipment or supplies.  Leave a reply and let me know.  I will also be interested to hear after the big day if you actually received what you are hoping to get.

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