Top Water Fishing with Frog Crank Bait

Buzz'n Frog Crank Bait Green

Buzz'n Frog Crank Bait Green

When I am fishing for chain pickerel and bass I love to top water fish.  I love seeing the action on top of the water.  That is also why when I fly fish I love using dry flies.  I am always looking for new baits to get and try.  One place I am always checking out online is Ebay.  Many of the lures and different baits I have in my tackle box are from sellers on Ebay.  I can usually find many different types of baits at very good prices.  Many of the items also come with free shipping.  At the end of July I was searching on Ebay for top water frogs and came along the Buzz’n Frog Crank bait and thought I would give it a try.  It is a hard bait that is divided in two with the back part of the body that spins in the water as you reel it in.  It makes a good commotion on the water.  I used the bait on the Saint. John River and had some bass chase it and also had a huge pickerel smash it in Chipman.  The bad news for me is I did not have the drag set right on my bait caster and the line broke and there went my new lure that I really likes.  It was my fault and it is part of fishing.

All Three of the Frogs

All Three of the Frogs

When I got home I ordered three more of the frogs from the same seller.  Each one is a different color.  The frogs have a two-pronged hook instead of a regular tremble hook.  You can certainly cast it right into the lily pads.  Sometimes it gets weeds on it and you can work it in those areas.  The season is wrapping up in a bit but I certainly hope to give them a try by going after some pickerel before the end of the season on October 15th.  If you are interested in the baits, here is the link to the seller on Ebay for the Buzz’n Frog Crank Bait.

Canaan River Bass Again

This past Friday evening Glenn and I decided to try the Canaan River by the bridge for some bass.  We got there around 6pm and walked up above the bridge and started fishing down.  I made a few casts close to the bank with my skitter pop with no luck and then I threw it in a little inlet and a nice sized bass hit.  It is the one in the first picture.  Glenn then made some casts and we went down a little farther and he had one hit but it did not stay on.  We continued to make our way down with a little action but no more catches.

My only Friday night catch.

We decided to make our way down past the rapids where the water deepens and calms.  We saw some fish jumping but we did not catch anymore.  We had a few more chase but that was it.  The water was a little high and it was muddy from the heavy rain the night before.  I am sure this did not help the fishing.

Today (Sunday) I made a quick decision to go back to the Canaan.  I went a few kms past the bridge to another spot where I have had luck in the past.  I fish this area the same way, meaning I fish along the banks.  I started with the skitter pop again and then changed to a yellowish tube.  I beat it across the bottom and after a few casts and retrieves I had a bass on.  It made a few nice jumps out of the water.

Hard to take a good picture by yourself :)

I made my way down the river with not much more action.  I decided to put on a top water bait that is like a popper and it also has a rattle inside it.  When I got close to some shallower water I casted by the bank and another bass hit the top water bait.  It also made a few nice jumps.  I made my way down a little farther but then came across 5 people fishing along the bank and decided to turn around so I would not interfere with their fishing.  I was going to walk right back to the car and then go to the bridge but decided to fish up the other side of the river.  I am glad that I did as I caught another bass with the same top water bait and had another one strike but it missed.

Caught on the top water rattle bait.

I did go to the bridge area for about half an hour with no luck.

Next week we are going to try for some salmon so I will definitely take some pictures of the day even if we do not catch any fish.  It is always a great day trying.

If you live in the Moncton area and like fishing bass and have some chest waders.  Give the upper part of the Canaan River a try in June.  It is fun fishing.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lures

This is the Skitter Pop that I use.

I have been smallmouth bass fishing in New Brunswick for a few years now and I am starting to build up a tackle box of smallmouth bass fishing lures.  I am someone who loves to see the fish hit the bait so I have been collecting quite a few top water lures.  Right now my favorite is the Skitter Pop lure from Rapala that is fire tiger in color.  It has an open mouth at the front so when you drag it across the top of the water it pushes water with it and makes quite a commotion on top of the water.  I find the best way to retrieve the Skitter Pop lure is to pull your rod towards you when you are reeling in to make the lure jerk towards you as you reel in it.  If you do not do this then the lure just comes in to you in a straight forward motion.  I find the smallmouth bass really like the erratic movements and I get more strikes when I use this motion.

Another top water smallmouth bass lure I really like to use is the Hula Popper.  Right now I have three of these and they are all fire tiger in color as well.  The Hula Popper is thicker in size than the Skitter pop lure and the open mouthed part is bigger as well.  it therefore, pushes more water when you retrieve it.  I also make the same jerking actions when I retrieve the Hula Popper lure.  I really like using this top water lure because it really makes a great deal of commotion on top of the water.
This lure makes a lot of noise and commotion.

I have started using this lure more and more.

When the weather gets windy, which has happened a lot here in New Brunswick this summer, you might want to change from fishing top water baits to below the surface.  A bait that we have had very good success with fishing smallmouth bass and chain pickerel  this year is the senko.  For those of you that do not know what a senko is it is basically a rubber worm.  They come in numerous different colors and lengths but the two colors that work the best for me are pink and red.  I also usually use the 6 inch length.  When using these to go under the surface it is better to use a weight to help with that.  A bullet weight is what I use.  You put it through your line before you put your hook on.  It then slides down to the top of the senko.  When fishing smallmouth bass we had good luck letting them sink to the bottom and them bringing them along the rocks.  I use EWG offset hooks with these senkos.
Love using these for bass and especially chain pickerel.

I use these when it gets windy and for chain pickerel.

Another lure that works well for smallmouth bass is a tube.  I use a weighted jig, which slides inside the tube, to help make it sink to the bottom.  I have caught many bass with this bait.  Again you drag it along the bottom and the bass will go after it.
These work very well for Smallmouth Bass

I use these a lot if I know there is not a lot of weeds.

I will use all these smallmouth bass fishing lures when fishing for bass but if the conditions are right I will certainly try the top water lures first as nothing beats seeing a smallmouth bass strike a lure sitting on top of the water.  I hope mentioning these different lures will help you if you are new to the fun sport of smallmouth bass fishing. Also, if you are new to smallmouth bass fishing you may be interested in buying this Ebook called Bass Fishing Essentials.