I own a 13 foot canoe that I have used for the past 3 or 4 years to go fishing.  It certainly gets the job done for the places that I take it but this summer I have been able to get out fishing with a couple of friends that own aluminum boats.  Being in these boats really has me wanting to get one myself.  They are more comfortable for a days fishing, bigger so they can hold more people, are more stable in the water, you can fish on bigger bodies of water and not have to worry as much if it gets a little rough.  With the canoe we have to take it to places that are quite small in case the wind picks up.  We had the canoe out on French Lake last year and the wind picked up and we had to get off right away because it was not safe.  I also figure if I get a 12 or 14 foot aluminum boat I would be able to take my girls fishing with me more because the canoe can only fit two people and it is not really that stable and I would not be comfortable taking them on it.  For all these reasons I have started looking around for aluminum boats.  A website that has been a great asset in my search has been Kijiji.  I am sure most of you have heard of this site. It is a site that people list items they are looking to sell.  If you see something you like you make contact with the seller and go from there.  You do not place bids like on Ebay.

When I first started using Kijiji in my search for an aluminum boat I was only using the Moncton listing as I live in Riverview.  One night I decided to widen the range and started looking in Fredericton and Saint John as well.  These places are only a couple of hours away and certainly would be worth the drive if I found the boat I wanted.  I guess I was not thinking when I was only looking in the Moncton area.  In Kijiji it is easy to change the location you are looking in. You just click on the change button beside the city you are currently looking in.  Just before I began writing this post I did a search on Kijiji for for aluminum fishing boats and I found at least 5 in these three areas that caught my attention.  This is a much better process than looking in the ads in newspapers and asking people if they know anyone selling an aluminum boat.

I have been out in my friends aluminum boats four or five times this summer fishing for chain pickerel and bass and have had an extremely fun time in them and as the fishing season comes to an end I will continue to use Kijiji to look for aluminum fishing boats throughout the fall and winter as perhaps there will be newer listings as people might be looking to sell their boats after this season and perhaps some aluminum boats already listed might come down in price.

If you are in the process of looking for an aluminum fishing boat I would strongly recommend using Kijiji as a tool in your search.

Have you ever used Kijiji to buy anything?