My First Grilse of the Season!

My first grilse of the season.

My first grilse of the season.

In my previous post the other day I stated Glenn and I spent a couple of days fishing in the Cains River with little luck. Glenn called me yesterday morning and said he was taking someone through his work for an evening fish and asked if I wanted to go. I was given permission and we were off and arrived at the river around 6pm. We decided to fish the Cains River again but we went to a different stretch.

When we got to the water there was one person who arrived just before us. The three of us got ready and each started our way down the river. As I was making my way down the river I saw a fish jump farther down the river and a few up above where Glenn was started to move around. I continued down the river with no luck. I used my Carter Bug, White-Tailed Green Machine, and a handful of other flies. Once I got to the end of the run I hung out there and talked to Glenn as he fished the bottom part. There were a few fish moving but not taking. I then decided to go back to the top of the run and start over. I used some streamers to see if they would work but they did not. By this time Glenn also came back to the top and started fishing behind me. It was starting to get dark so I decided to put on my Carter Bug again and stay at the top part and fish there as there were fish moving.

As Glenn and I were fishing and talking, a trout jumped just a couple of feet to my left so I thought to myself I might as well try to catch a trout and threw my fly at the same spot. As soon as the fly hit the water, what I thought was a trout hit the fly. I gave a tug and very quickly realized it was not a trout. The grilse jumped two or three times and then the battle was on :) I fought the grilse for a handful of minutes and finally landed it. It measured at 23 inches and was nice and thick. It was very exciting to see that line go tight and feel a very good fish on the other end of the line.
As we were finishing up fishing the person that came with Glenn, Mike, had a very nice salmon hit his fly. It jumped high in the water and threw the hook.

Well, it turned out I made a very good decision in going last night. Here is hoping for the same success the next time out.

Salmon Fishing on the Cains River

The stretch we spent most of our time on.

The stretch we spent most of our time on.

Glenn and I went salmon fishing on Saturday evening on the Cains River.  We arrived at the river at around 6:15 and started fishing right away.  With the luck we have been having with the weather this year, very heavy clouds came in and the wind picked up like crazy and then the rain started with the thunder and lightning.  We got off the water and waited about 15 minutes.  The weather improved enough that we went back on the water.  Within 15 minutes the skies were clear.

When we got on the water there were plenty of fish jumping.  They actually jumped all night.  Glenn made his way down the river but I stayed where the fish were jumping.  At one point I was surrounded by jumping salmon, but so you think I could catch one… :)   We fished until dark with no luck.  We slept (stayed) in the truck over night.  Big bonus for Glenn bringing the portable DVD player to pass the time.

We started fishing Sunday morning right around 5 am.  It was the same thing.  The fish were jumping in the same area.  Glenn made his way to the run down the river and I stayed in the calm area for awhile.  I then made my way down near Glenn.  Once I got to the run, I put on a Carter Bug and put that down the run a few times.  By the time I finished fishing the run I had two raises but no fish.

Glenn was fishing on the other side of the river and was fishing just above the run.  He had three raises within a few minutes of each other.  He then hooked into a fish.  I was not too far away so I started to go to the bank so I could get up there to take some pictures( I think this is why Glenn brings me) but the fish got off quite quickly.  Glenn said he felt it was a good sized salmon.  He continued to fish up a bit more and within a few minutes he had another strike.  I did the same thing but my the time I got to the bank it got off again.  He had both hits on a Carter Bug as well.

Glenn trying his best to catch a salmon.

Glenn trying his best to catch a salmon.

By this time people started coming to this same stretch of water.  At one point there were seven people fishing.  This stretch is fairly big so everyone just stayed a fair distance from everyone else.  I talked to one person who was also from Moncton.  We talked about salmon fishing and other types of fishing for awhile.  It is always great to meet new people on the water.  He was very friendly and was great to talk to.

Have you caught a salmon or grilse yet this season?

Over the course of the evening and the next day fishing I was used many different flies.  I used lots of dry and wet flies.  Like I mentioned earlier, the only one that got the fish moving was the Carter Bug.  Glenn also used many different dry and wet flies as that is part of salmon fishing.  You have to keep changing it up as you never know what fly might get the fish to strike.

Glenn called today and is taking someone fishing tonight and asked me to go.  Hopefully tomorrow I will write a new post with at least one picture of one of us holding a nice fish.

Thanks for reading and tight lines.

Black Salmon Fishing…What A Day!

If you are someone who has thought about giving Black Salmon fishing a try I would strongly suggest it.  Over the winter months my friend Glenn had talked to me about taking me to the Miramichi on the opening weekend of fishing season to try some Black Salmon fishing.  He told me to mark Saturday, April 16th on my calendar.  I always do what I am told so I marked the date.  As this weekend came closer the plans were finalized.  Glenn and Chris were going up Thursday night with some people and they were going to fish on Friday and I was going to go up Friday night with one of their friends and fish Saturday.

On Thursday we received an email stating Glenn’s friend was not able to go up as he had other things he had to get done.  Glenn told me that he and Chris would drive back to Riverview Friday night, pick me up, and drive right back to the Miramichi.  I told him not to be so foolish and that I could go some other time with him as I did not expect them to drive all the way back here to get me.  Well, am I ever happy that they did.

Chris with one of his many Black Salmon.

Chris with one of his many Black Salmon.

We arrived at Glenn’s friend’s camp on the Main South West at 11pm, got settles in and watched a little TV.  The guys were tired out from the long day on Friday and I would say everyone was asleep by midnight.  We woke up around 7:30, got some breakfast and set up for the day.  We were not in a big hurry as it was -4 degrees out at 8am.  Once we had our gear ready and dressed properly we headed down to the boat.  We dressed in layers so we could take off a sweater or two if it warmed up enough.  Glenn, Chris and I went in a boat and three other people went in another boat.  It was cold out but there was no wind so it was not too bad on the water.

Once in the boat we headed right on the river.  Just a few meters down the river there must have been 10 or more people fishing from the bank.

People fishing off the bank.

People fishing off the bank.

We headed past them a little ways and put the anchor down by the right edge of the river.  We stayed on the right side the entire day.  We decided to put the anchor down and cast out and let the current take the fly own river.  The current was quite strong so it did not take long for the fly to get down river.  The set up we were using was wet flies, with sinking line as the Black Salmon mainly stay down this time of year.  Glenn and Chris had many different colored wet flies.  Glenn used a light blue colored fly, I was using a yellow one and Chris used the yellow one plus a few different ones throughout the day.  I am new to salmon fishing and do not know all the names of the flies.  I will talk to Glenn and comment later with the proper names.

My first-ever Black Salmon

My first-ever Black Salmon

As we started fishing Glenn had a hit on his third cast.  The Black Salmon hit as he was retrieving the wet fly.  I was obviously very pleased to see a fish on right away.  We used a net to help land the Black Salmon throughout the day.  We continued to do extremely well right away as we landed 7 Black Salmon within the first half hour.  Chris caught the second one and then it was my turn.  As it was the first Black Salmon I have ever caught I was very pleased.  At that moment I told the guys I was very glad they came back and picked me up Friday night.

We continued to fish in this area and lift the anchor and float down a few feet and then put the anchor back down.  As the boat settled we had very good luck fishing this new area as we got strikes almost every time we fished over new water.  None of us changed our flies in the morning as we were all having good luck with the flies we started with.

The guys said on Friday that they did catch some very good sized fish.  As of this time in the morning we were catching grilse and did not see any big salmon.  This did not matter to me at all because I felt catching these grilse was awesome fun.

Just a little bit before lunch we decided to do a little trolling with the wet flies.  As we were doing this I had a very good hit and I told the guys that the hit was hard.  As I started to reel in the line the fish came in quite easily but soon I started to feel a more resistance on the line.  The other fish came to the surface of the water fairly fast as well.  This one was not coming to the surface at all.  It did feel heavier then the other fish I was catching in the morning so Glenn stated that I must have a nice salmon on the line.  After a bit more time went buy the fish finally surfaced and I was very excited as I quickly realized this was the biggest fish I have ever had on the other end of the line.  It took me a little longer to get the fish in the net but we did land it.  The picture below is me with the Black Salmon, a picture I will not soon forget!  It measured in at 32 inches long.

My catch of the day!

My catch of the day!

After this we went in to the camp for lunch and to warm up.  At around 2:30 we went back on the water and we back to the same area and did the same type of fishing.  We did some casting and some trolling.  Glenn had a big afternoon as he landed two very nice sized fish.    The biggest one he caught was 36 inches.

Glenn with his biggest Black Salmon caught.

Glenn with his biggest Black Salmon caught.

As the day finished, we each landed our limit so we could not ask for a better day.  Glenn said hit was the best day of Black Salmon fishing he has ever had.  I am certainly glad I was there to be part of it.

If you are someone who has thought about giving Black Salmon fishing a try I would recommend finding a way to give it a try.  Thanks to Glenn and Chris for the fantastic day.  It will be a day I will remember for a very long time.

Atlantic Salmon Fishing

Me and my first salmonMy friend and I decided to go Atlantic salmon fishing last week in the Miramichi. I am still fairly new to salmon fishing as I have focused on trout, smallmouth bass, and chain pickerel fishing so my friend has been giving me tips on what to do if I hook a salmon and what flies to use, which I will write about in a bit. He picked me up bright and early at 4:30am. When it comes to fishing I do not mind getting up early. It was a beautiful morning when we got to the water. We walked onto the river right at a hole he has fished many times in the past. It was my first time at this spot. I started fishing the hole from the back at while he was getting rigged up.

I really enjoy watching fish hit lures and flies on top of the water so it is no secret that when I am fly fishing for trout or salmon I love to use dry flies. I started using different dry flies (which I will write a section about) At this hole I kept switching up every once in awhile. I was also using different wet flies. When my friend was ready he started fishing the top of the hole that had some rapids. Within five casts he had a grilse on! I was a little ways away so I just stayed there and watched. He fought this fish for a few minutes and then it got off. For me, it was exciting to see a grilse get hooked that early and to watch him fight it for a few minutes. We fished the hole for quite awhile with him raising another grilse but it did not take.

We decided to walk down the river some as he has never done that before at that location. We walked probably for 10 minutes and came across a nice run. It did not look terribly deep but we thought it was worth a try. I had a green machine on and floated it down beside a big rock that was sitting in the middle of the run. I did this a few times and then my line went down and I realized I had a salmon on. He jumped out right away and spit my hook. It was very excited but disappointing at the same time. I brought my fly in to make sure everything was alright and casted out to the same spot again. To both of our amazement I got another hit right away. This time I fought this Atlantic salmon for a good ten minutes and had it within a foot of the shore and it spit my hook out. Again I was very pumped up for having the salmon on that long but was again disappointed that I had it that close to shore and lost it.

We continued down the river but did not really see any other water that was worth fishing so we made our way back to the original spot where we started. My friend put his fly down the middle of the run and a very nice salmon hit his fly and must have jumped three feet out of the water, which was awesome to see. Unfortunately it spit the hook. After fishing here a bit longer we decided to leave this area and try another spot farther down the river.

After a 15 minute drive we made it to the next hole. It was a nice long run with lots of deep water. After casting my fly out a handful of times a salmon came up to take a look but did not hit the fly. It was nice to see there were some Atlantic salmon holding in the pool. My friend had a quick 10 minute nap and then jokingly said it was time for him to catch a fish. He worked his way to the back of the pool and got a strike. This grilse was very active and must have jumped out of the water five or six times. He was able to land it fairly easily after it finished jumping. He said I should wait awhile to let the pool settle down and then try it again. I decided to fish the top part of the pool and then about 15 minutes later I tried where he caught his. I was not paying the greatest attention when I got a strike. It hit basically the same spot as the other one. My friend did an excellent job coaching me as I tired to land this Atlantic salmon. This is how he coached me. This may help for any other beginners out there. He told me to always make sure my line was tight. He said when I felt or saw my leader wiggle that meant it was going to make a run. He was right as after every wiggle it did make a run. He said to let it run and then to reel in as soon as it was done running. He also said that if it jumped to let the head of my rod down. This let the line go slack during the jump. I followed his instructions and about fifteen minutes later I landed my very first Atlantic salmon. Let me tell you that it was an awesome feeling. I am certainly getting hooked on salmon fishing and a day like we had certainly helps with that. Overall, we caught 2 grilse and hooked into seven fish and saw a handful of others.

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I hooked into two of my Atlantic salmon using the very popular green machine salmon fly. Here is a picture for anyone unfamiliar with the fly.

green machine

This fly if very popular on the Miramichi.

A few other dry flies that I used on the day were the Green Bomber and the Brown Bomber. Both are pictured below.


Now the salmon fly that I caught my very first Atlantic salmon on was a Carters Bug. It is an excellent dry fly for fishing salmon. It is big like the bombers above. I am certainly going to be picking up more of them.

The fly that caught me my first salmon.

This is the fly I used to catch my first salmon.

As I am in the process of adding to my collection of salmon flies I have been searching the internet to find some salmon flies that are decently priced. I do support our local people who tie flies but I am also going to buy online if I can save some money. The other day I did find an online store that I gave a try. This online store sells trout and salmon flies along with other items.

I was very pleased to see that they have a very good selection of trout and salmon flies. Even though I wanted to buy a handful of trout flies I did focus of buying salmon flies. Their sidebar has these flies under steelhead/salmon. I also decided to look under the heading bass flies and I did decide to buy some of those flies as I think they would work for fishing salmon as well.

When I was finished placing my order I bought a total of 13 salmon flies, with me buy multiples of some same flies. Not one of the flies cost more than a dollar (US) and shipping to Canada for fishing flies was only $2.88, which if you ask me is an excellent deal.

The store is located in Arlington, Texas but that did not scare me away because of their very low shipping cost. I received an email the other night saying the order was shipped so I will post again post a comment to this post when they arrive to say how long the order took to arrive and what the quality of the flies is like. I am sure they are going to be just fine.

So, if you are someone who likes to go salmon fishing and are always looking for places to buy salmon flies online, why not give this company a try. The name of their company is The Angler’s Dream Fly Shop. Give their name a click and give them a look.

If you are new to fly fishing you may be interested in these ebooks called Fly Fishing From Scratch and Fly Fishing Mastery.