My First Grilse of the Season!

My first grilse of the season.

My first grilse of the season.

In my previous post the other day I stated Glenn and I spent a couple of days fishing in the Cains River with little luck. Glenn called me yesterday morning and said he was taking someone through his work for an evening fish and asked if I wanted to go. I was given permission and we were off and arrived at the river around 6pm. We decided to fish the Cains River again but we went to a different stretch.

When we got to the water there was one person who arrived just before us. The three of us got ready and each started our way down the river. As I was making my way down the river I saw a fish jump farther down the river and a few up above where Glenn was started to move around. I continued down the river with no luck. I used my Carter Bug, White-Tailed Green Machine, and a handful of other flies. Once I got to the end of the run I hung out there and talked to Glenn as he fished the bottom part. There were a few fish moving but not taking. I then decided to go back to the top of the run and start over. I used some streamers to see if they would work but they did not. By this time Glenn also came back to the top and started fishing behind me. It was starting to get dark so I decided to put on my Carter Bug again and stay at the top part and fish there as there were fish moving.

As Glenn and I were fishing and talking, a trout jumped just a couple of feet to my left so I thought to myself I might as well try to catch a trout and threw my fly at the same spot. As soon as the fly hit the water, what I thought was a trout hit the fly. I gave a tug and very quickly realized it was not a trout. The grilse jumped two or three times and then the battle was on :) I fought the grilse for a handful of minutes and finally landed it. It measured at 23 inches and was nice and thick. It was very exciting to see that line go tight and feel a very good fish on the other end of the line.
As we were finishing up fishing the person that came with Glenn, Mike, had a very nice salmon hit his fly. It jumped high in the water and threw the hook.

Well, it turned out I made a very good decision in going last night. Here is hoping for the same success the next time out.

Salmon Fishing on the Cains River

The stretch we spent most of our time on.

The stretch we spent most of our time on.

Glenn and I went salmon fishing on Saturday evening on the Cains River.  We arrived at the river at around 6:15 and started fishing right away.  With the luck we have been having with the weather this year, very heavy clouds came in and the wind picked up like crazy and then the rain started with the thunder and lightning.  We got off the water and waited about 15 minutes.  The weather improved enough that we went back on the water.  Within 15 minutes the skies were clear.

When we got on the water there were plenty of fish jumping.  They actually jumped all night.  Glenn made his way down the river but I stayed where the fish were jumping.  At one point I was surrounded by jumping salmon, but so you think I could catch one… :)   We fished until dark with no luck.  We slept (stayed) in the truck over night.  Big bonus for Glenn bringing the portable DVD player to pass the time.

We started fishing Sunday morning right around 5 am.  It was the same thing.  The fish were jumping in the same area.  Glenn made his way to the run down the river and I stayed in the calm area for awhile.  I then made my way down near Glenn.  Once I got to the run, I put on a Carter Bug and put that down the run a few times.  By the time I finished fishing the run I had two raises but no fish.

Glenn was fishing on the other side of the river and was fishing just above the run.  He had three raises within a few minutes of each other.  He then hooked into a fish.  I was not too far away so I started to go to the bank so I could get up there to take some pictures( I think this is why Glenn brings me) but the fish got off quite quickly.  Glenn said he felt it was a good sized salmon.  He continued to fish up a bit more and within a few minutes he had another strike.  I did the same thing but my the time I got to the bank it got off again.  He had both hits on a Carter Bug as well.

Glenn trying his best to catch a salmon.

Glenn trying his best to catch a salmon.

By this time people started coming to this same stretch of water.  At one point there were seven people fishing.  This stretch is fairly big so everyone just stayed a fair distance from everyone else.  I talked to one person who was also from Moncton.  We talked about salmon fishing and other types of fishing for awhile.  It is always great to meet new people on the water.  He was very friendly and was great to talk to.

Have you caught a salmon or grilse yet this season?

Over the course of the evening and the next day fishing I was used many different flies.  I used lots of dry and wet flies.  Like I mentioned earlier, the only one that got the fish moving was the Carter Bug.  Glenn also used many different dry and wet flies as that is part of salmon fishing.  You have to keep changing it up as you never know what fly might get the fish to strike.

Glenn called today and is taking someone fishing tonight and asked me to go.  Hopefully tomorrow I will write a new post with at least one picture of one of us holding a nice fish.

Thanks for reading and tight lines.