Pickerel Fishing in New Brunswick

CIMG3562James and I decided to go pickerel fishing yesterday in Chipman, New Brunswick. We have not been there is awhile so I was anxious to see what the fishing was going to be like. This summer has also been quite windy but the forecast was calling for only 5km winds so I was hoping that would be the case.

I picked James up and at 6am and we were ready to start fishing around 7:45. I usually do not bring the trolling motor to Chipman because it is so weedy but I brought it as we discussed we might try to cover more water than normal. This is what is needed and how to set up the trolling motor for a canoe.



We started fishing in our regular area, which is a cove off of Salmon River. We were very pleased that the water was like a mirror it was so calm. We looped around this cover a couple of times each catching a handful of pickerel and having many others hit. We found that quite a few of the pickerel were out on the edge of the weeds in a little deeper water. We were both using a red 6 inch senko. I used a bubblegum color for awhile as well. Both of us used the red senko for most of the day as it continued to produce for us.


We decided to use the trolling motor and try a few different parts of the river system. We got to one point and fished along the edge and caught a few fish. As we were leaving this spot we decided to troll with the senkos out from a point. The water looked fairly deep and we could see seeds below the water. No sooner did I tell James that the area looked pretty good I got a strike from a pickerel. After I brought it in and released it James got a strike while casting out. We got into some very good action in the area and decided to stay for awhile. We were casting and also trolling some. We were getting strikes with both methods. We must have stayed here for a good hour or so on this point because we were having so much fun.


The water stayed calm all day.

When we finished at the point we back back to our starting point and fished the cove again for an hour or so. The pickerel were hitting well in the far end of the cove. By about 7pm our bodies were sore enough from sitting in the canoe all day that we decided to call it a day. We loaded the car back up and were on our way back home.

Throughout the day, James and I had countless strikes. I landed 10 pickerel while James must have landed 25 or more. I can take a little consolation in the fact that I caught the biggest pickerel of the day. It actually nips James’ personal best by 1/8 of an inch by measuring in at 24 5/8 inches. This pickerel now becomes my personal best.

If you having never given pickerel fishing in Chipman, New Brunswick a try, I strongly suggest you do as we have never been disappointed.

You can read about James’ experiences fishing this summer as well at his site.

Have you ever gone pickerel fishing before?

Trolling Motor For Your Canoe

trolling motorDuring the winter after we bought the canoe I started doing some research about the possibility of using a trolling motor on the canoe. I did research on trolling motors, marine batteries, and how to mount it to the canoe.

Two of the items, the trolling motor and the battery led me to Canadian Tire. They had a handful of each to look at. I decided on the Minn Kota Endura 30. Once I got the trolling motor I needed to decide which battery to get. I looked to see what Canadian Tire had and decided on the the Motormaster Nautilus Deep Cycle Battery. I also had to buy a battery charger because as you use the trolling motor it does not keep the battery charged as other devices might. This was all new to me so this is why I am mentioning it. Once you get home from your day on the water charge the battery right away.

Once I got the trolling motor and the battery I then had to find a product that I could use to attach the motor to the canoe. Again, I was completely new to this so I simply started searching on the internet. Once I figured out what I needed I went to Ebay and did a search for a canoe side mount. The search led me to a few different sellers. The one I ended up getting is very well made and cost roughly $60 Canadian.

Trolling motor side mount Minn Kota 30lb Thrust Trolling Motor

I now had all the items I needed to give this a try. I went to the part of the Petitcodiac close to Turtle Creek. My buddy and I put the canoe in the water. I put the battery close to the center of the canoe(the cables on the motor are not too long), I then attached the side mount to the canoe. This is done simply with pliers or you could use a ratchet. Attaching the trolling motor to the side mount was very easy. You can tighten it securely just with your hands. I then connected the cables to the battery and we were ready.

When setup, this is what it looks like.

This is what the setup looks like on the canoe.

I must say that as we pushed off I was very nervous that something would be wrong and the motor would not work. To use the motor you simply rotate the handle one way to go forward (5 speeds) and the other way to go backwards (3 speeds). I gave the handle a turn and happily the propeller started and off we went. I gave all the speeds a try. The slowest speed is great for trolling slowly with your baits. High speed sent us along at about 10km/h. I felt this was a great speed for having two adults, the battery, and our gear in the canoe. To steer the canoe you simply pull the handle towards you or push it out from you.

I used the trolling motor a handful of times last year and I must say that I am very pleased with it and am very happy that I decided to get it. I realize that perhaps some people will feel that part of having a canoe is to paddle and I agree if I am out for a nice canoe ride but if I am out for a day of fishing I want to be able to focus on fishing and not always paddling. The motor will also get you where you need to get to much quicker and will make your life much easier if you are going against the wind.

I used the trolling motor a handful of times on the Petitcodiac River, Shepody River, French Lake, and Cassidy Lake. When we fished for chain pickerel we did not use the motor as the area is full of weeds and the propeller would continuously get caught up. This area is quite small and is not hard to paddle in.

It did cost a bit to get what I needed but I think the cost is well worth it.

The motor was around $150. The battery was $140, the mount was around $60, and the charger was around $20(on sale).

I hope this info will be helpful for anyone that might be looking into getting a trolling motor for their small boat or canoe. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on my experiences with mine.

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