A nice Crooked Creek Rainbow Trout

A very nice rainbow trout caught at Crooked Creek.

I know there are a lot of people who fish who like to keep “their” places secret. If I was one of those people this is one place I would never tell anyone about. This place is Crooked Creek in Rivervside Albert. I have been fishing here for over ten years now and I make multiple trips each fishing season. I enjoy fishing here so much I get excited on the drive there every time. I live in Riverview so it only takes about 45 minutes to get there.

I fish here alone most times and have great fun but my most memorable times I have had fishing here have been with my brother-in-law Dave, who comes home from Calgary each summer. We usually get to fish here 3-4 times when he is home. The last couple of years he has been home we have used our handheld GPSs to try new entry points further up the brook.

Two reasons I love Crooked Creek so much are the rainbow trout we catch and the beautiful scenery. This is the only place I know of around here that you can catch rainbow trout. It is a great place to fly fish as the river is wide enough that you will not always get caught up in the trees. I love to fly fish with dry flies because I love watching the fish come up and hit the fly. The fly that I have the most success with at Crooked Creek is my personally made Royal Coachman. I have caught many rainbow trout at Crooked Creek with this fly. Dave has even asked me to use one on more than one occasion .:) Dave and I usually fish up the system as it is usually the least fished part of the river. We have had luck catching the rainbows in the rapids but catch most of them in the pools that you come across on the way up the river. The rainbows spook very easily so you have to be careful not to get too close to the pools as you fish them. There are also brook trout in the system but each trip there is in hope of catching some rainbow trout. It is great fun catching the rainbows on a fly rod. Usually when they hit you can see a quick streak of silver. You also know it is a rainbow as soon as it hits because they are much stronger than the brook trout. When you catch a rainbow out of a pool there are usually no more in that spot. I say usually because there have been a few times that Dave and I have each caught a rainbow out of the same spot in a short period of time.

One of the bigger rainbow trout I have caught there.

Caught this rainbow a few years ago.

Crooked Creek is also a beautiful place to spend the day. It is located in the Caledonia Gorge so the river runs between the mountains. You can see long stretches of the river and trees lining the river system. It is especially beautiful in the fall when the leaves are changing colors. When you are just about to drive onto the dirt road to get to the fishing spots there is a lookout that gives an amazing view of the gorge. I have made it a point the past couple of years to take pictures every time I go there.

A nice scenery shot of Crooked Creek.

Brother-in-law Dave getting a fly ready.

We have had great luck fishing here over the years but I do need to say that we have also been skunked on a few occasions. Since it is in the gorge, there are times that we have been there and the water has been running very hard. If it has rained hard it is best to wait a few days to go there because the water runs down the mountains into the river. We have not had good luck when the water has been running hard. I do not usually start fishing here each season until the first part of July for the same reason.

If you enjoy fly fishing, would like to try to catch some rainbow trout, and enjoy a day in a beautiful spot then I strongly recommend a trip to Crooked Creek.

If you are thinking about trying fly fishing or are new to it perhaps you would be interested in this ebook: Fly Fishing From Scratch.

Have you ever fished at Crooked Creek before? If so, leave a comment and tell me about your experience there. If you would like to give it a try, get in touch and I will give you directions.

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