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Early Season Fishing

With the fishing season in New Brunswick ready to open in one month and one day( but who is counting?) I thought I would mention a few things I do in the early part of the season.  One thing I do is I go to a few spots and try some brook trout fishing.  In the past I have tried some smaller brooks in the Turtle Creek area but have not had a lot of luck until May.  A few years ago I did go trout fishing on April 15th in the Sussex area and caught a nice 14 inch brook trout.  I am thinking I may go back to this spot this year in the first week of the season to see what it is like.  It does depend how much snow melts before then.  The past week saw a lot of our crazy amount of snow melt.  Even though the water is still very cold it is good to get out and see what the conditions are like.

Early season at Sussex area

As I mention in my brief post last time I do have a friend that is going to take me black salmon fishing on April 16th so I am very excited to give that a try for the first time.  Last year he said they had a great time catching a handful of the salmon.  I will certainly do a post on the day.

Last year, even though it was a month into the fishing season, I did do some smallmouth bass first on First Eel River Lake.  We fished Saturday and Sunday and had a great time.  I am hoping for a return visit again this year.  It is a nice spot and has plenty of bass to keep you busy.

Early season bass fishing at First Eel River Lake

Although the conditions do not really pick up until mid to late May I am excited to hit the water.  I am sure many of you are feeling the same way I am.

Little Over One Month To Go!

Hello everyone.  Well, the countdown is now on.  We are just a little over one month to go until fishing season officially opens here in New Brunswick.  We still have a lot of snow to melt away before then but we had some warm weather last week and it went down a lot in just a few days.  The early fishing can be tough here as the water is so cold but that never stops me from trying.  I will most likely try to do some trout fishing early on and then move onto the pickerel and bass.

A friend of mine also invited me to try some black salmon fishing when the season opens so I am anxious to try that for the first time.  I hope you are all getting as excited as I am.  Feel free to leave a comment about what type of fish you go after in the early part of the season.

What type of fishing do you do at the beginning of the fishing season?